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Maison Poussin is a French haute maroquinerie brand born from the desire to offer women the elegance of graphic and minimalist silhouettes.

The singular lines of the pieces draw not only  the women's curves but also the shapes of the greatest architectural masterpieces. By placing itself at the confluence of art, architecture and engineering, the Maison offers women true unconventional and timeless designer pieces.

Through its pieces of exception, Maison Poussin sublimates women's bodies in all their sensuality and beauty.



The Maison is inspired by the blending of cultures, colors and generations. Heir to a tradition of excellence, Maison Poussin is rooted in the heritage of French craftsmanship. The timeless and sculptural pieces are entirely handmade in workshops of excellence in Maine-et-Loire. All leathers are carefully selected in an environmentally friendly Italian tannery*.  This quality of leather guarantees the House's pieces exceptional durability, touch and visual appeal. The cotton linings come from a traditional Norman workshop guaranteeing an incomparable quality of fabric. A 100% French manufacturing process that enhances the know-how of the territories and allows Maison Poussin to offer pieces of exceptional quality.

* REACH regulation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals)

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The House, initiator of a sunny art of living, is built on three fundamental pillars: the boldness of French elegance, the sculptural geometry of West Africa and the softness of Mediterranean tones. This creative process is part of the slow-fashion: the desire to return to a sustainable and reasoned, committed and ethical fashion. With its singular style, timeless colors and exceptional pieces, Maison Poussin places itself at the forefront of French fashion while promoting a long-term vision.


Maison Poussin is also the story of Flora, a young engineer who flew the nest at 23 years old by creating her own leather goods brand in 2019 while finishing her studies:

" If I had to describe Maison Poussin's style, I would say it is a rationalism tinged with exoticism where the noblest materials are mixed with the boldest shapes. The bags reflect the essence of Maison Poussin, with inspirations from architecture, design and craftsmanship. Maison Poussin is a story of love and passion. Through my creations, I wish to seduce both the eye and the soul. "


Dare to be unique.

Dare to mix cultures.

Dare to wear French elegance.

Dare to combine fashion, architecture and engineering.

Dare to be colourful.

Dare to be different.

Dare to be Maison Poussin.

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